FabriTRAK® System by Fabritrak


    FabriTRAK® is a rigid vinyl framework that provides a method for using fabric as an interior architectural finish for walls and ceilings. The trak is manufactured from a blend of polymers and fire-retardant additives tested to have virtually no VOC emissions. FabriTRAK® is made and designed to embrace virtually any wall or ceiling space or configuration and the system lends itself for application on undulating walls, portals or columns.

    The FabriTRAK® system is composed of three parts, all of which can be customized to fit a project’s specifications and then built on-site. The full system is composed of trak, infill, and a covering that provides the finish.

    Infill Options

    TerraCORE® Poly is an environmentally friendly acoustic infill manufactured with a blend of very low denier polyester fibers which enhance acoustical performance and serves as a sustainable alternative to fiberglass infill. It is available in a 1” thickness and both standard and high densities in white and black. TerraCORE® Poly has received the Declare label and is designed for LEED v4 interiors.

    FabriTACK® is the ONLY high-impact, tackable fiberglass that is acoustically tested to C423/E795.

    FabriBLOK® is a mass-loaded limp vinyl material that is used as a noise isolation barrier with a high STC value. It is an excellent choice for rooms and spaces where sound transfer is an annoyance.

    Fabric Covering

    The last component of the system is what you see. Once the trak and infill are installed, the fabric covering is tucked into the track, covering the infill and creating a seamless finish.

    FabriTRAK® can be specified with coverings such as fabric, felt, vinyl, silk and leather; FabriTRAK® offers a selection of eco-friendly fabrics and digital art panels which can be selected in virtually any color. FabriTRAK® family of fabrics is FabriSPAN® and many fabrics are available in wide width (10’) and ultra-wide width (16’) and can be printed in custom, Pantone or paint colors as well as art and patterns with the FabriPRINT™ solution. In addition to fabrics, FabriFELT™ is now available in 23 colors, both solid and heathered, to add warmth and texture to the wall or ceiling. FabriFELT™ is 100% pure wool and, like many FabriSPAN® fabrics, is DECLARE certified / LEED v4.

    Key Features
    • FabriTRAK® is available in 3 profiles: Round, square, bevel edges
    • Sizes range from 3/8” (9mm) to 2” (50 mm)
    • Over 50 different profile size combinations in two colors: Natural and black
    • Trak is available for fabric insertion in four configuration options: Bottom, top, side entry & joiner
    • PVC-free trak is available in the GeoTRAK® line.
    • Over 50 trak wall and ceiling profiles in multiple sizes
    • Trak available in black or natural
    • Environmentally-friendly infills available
    • Variety of fabrics and textiles work with the trak system
    • Easily interchange fabrics without damaging walls/ceilings
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Made in the USA
    Lead Time
    Dependent on the quantity and profile selected.