Autem™ Air | Baffles | Clouds by Fabritrak


    AUTEM™ Air | Baffles | Clouds comprise FabriTRAK’s stand-alone acoustic ceiling products. Each interior acoustic solution absorbs noise and mitigates sound reverberation, ensuring sound quality is crisp, and safe on hearing. Autem™ Baffles and Clouds are acoustic panels hung from ceilings either vertically as baffles or horizontally as clouds. Each Autem™ Baffle and Cloud is assembled in the USA and covered entirely in FabriFELT™ – 100% pure wool felt that is DECLARE certified.

    Engineered to Perform

    Autem™ Baffles and Clouds promote clear sound interiors by eliminating noise reverberation due to common machineries such as computers, lighting, AC units, and even exterior noise such as traffic and construction. Placement of these products can easily be done around HVAC and sprinkler systems, overhead lighting, and other ceiling elements, making them ideal for both new construction and retro-fits even in commercial and industrial spaces.

    Durable, Strong, Sound

    While AUTEM™ NRC ratings are higher than most acoustic ceiling products, the beauty of the system lies in its simplicity. All AUTEM™ products are the perfect product for any retrofit and renovation as they can be custom-sized.


    AUTEM™ Air | Baffles | Clouds are environmentally friendly products and are all DECLARE certified and LEED v4 approved. In addition to considering the exterior environment, users of interior spaces with AUTEM™ are ensured health benefits – the product does not mold or retain moisture. Above all, due to high NRC values, AUTEM™ supports environments that enhance sound, mute unhealthy noise, and create areas that are safe for hearing – whether in a small conference room or large industrial warehouse.

    AUTEM™ Air Thermal Resistance

    R-values describe how well materials resist heat conduction. Good thermal resistance (measured by a higher R-value) improves insulation.

    Key Features
    • Customizable in shape and size
    • Customizable in thickness
    • Available in 3 colors: black, white, and grey
    • Environmentally-friendly – DECLARE certified, LEED v4
    • High NRC ratings
    • ASTM E-84 Class A fire tested
    • Autem™ Baffles and Clouds are available in over 20 standard FabriFELT™ colors (custom colors available)
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Autem™ Baffles and Clouds are custom built for each project in the USA.
    Lead Time
    Depends on quantity / thickness of product / felt covering