hiSpace by Teknion


    That’s one quick table! Teknion’s hiSpace Quick Connect height-adjustable table goes from pallet and boxes to a completely assembled and functional table in under 5 minutes. There are 3 primary features at the heart of the design (1) the Quick Connect “Connection Kit” top frame – and yes, it comes pre-installed on the worksurface (2) Slide & Lock leg columns that use such a simple slide feature to connect the legs to the work surface and a cam lock to secure them in place you’ll wonder why we didn’t think of this before (3) Power Pak – a prewired kit that uses the Felt Cover Cable Organizer to manage the tables cables and controls, the control box, the switch, motor cables, and table power cord.

    hiSpace Quick Connect includes a gyroscope-based collision detection system, a BIFMA compliant height-adjustment range from 22.6” to 48.7”, and a choice of straight or radiused work surface corners. And just for fun, to get things moving a little faster, each hiSpace Quick Connect comes programmed with the ability to have a single button push move the table to its next memory position as well as set both maximum and minimum height limits.  Moving and changing work postures throughout the day provides significant health benefits. With a 200lb of lifting capacity and 3 programmable settings, Quick Connect  enables you to change work postures throughout the day with ease while keeping you moving and engaged.
    Sustainability Statement

    From the latest Sustainability Report:

    As a privately held, family-run company, we can look beyond quarterly results to take a long-term approach to our corporate responsibility. We invest in programs and processes that raise the bar and further sustainability, even in challenging times.

    Understanding there is still much work to do, this report is a snapshot of where we are on our journey.

    Health and Wellness Attributes
    • Changing your posture often keeps you more engaged and more comfortable
    • Meetings are significantly shorter when standing vs. sitting
    • Height-adjustable tables are essential to modern workspaces and prized by office workers everywhere
    Worth The Hype

    WDM reviewed this product and here’s what we loved most!

    This sit stand desk is super sturdy and relatively quiet as it moves through it’s extensive range of heights. The pre-programmed display worked great out of the box and making changes has been a breeze. The gyroscope-based collision detection system passed all of our (intentional and unintentional) tests too!

    Key Features
    • Push-button activation with height display readout
    • 3 memory positions
    • Lifting capacity of 200 lbs. (91 kg)
    • Requires simple do-it-yourself calibration when assembled
    • 2 surface width options: 46″ or 58″ (117 or 147)
    • 4 surface finish options
    • 3 base finish options
    • Prefer a non-electric, Counterbalance Height-Adjustable Table? Order it here.
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