Large & Local: Reforestation by Mohawk Group


    Mohawk Group introduces Large & Local’s Reforestation LVT collection, providing a selection of visuals from tree species across North America.

    Sustainability Statement

    As part of the Large & Local collection, Reforestation is sustainably made in Georgia, featuring an innovative large-format platform and a focus on connecting back to place. Reforestation also has M-Force™ Ultra finish for industry-leading scratch, stain and dent resistance. With a natural color range and matte surface reminiscent of European hand-oiled finishes, the versatile tiles are well-suited for any interior, ranging from modern to traditional. 

    Reforestation is a part of The Waterways Project, Mohawk Group’s company-wide work to conserve river systems. 

    Key Features
    • Oak

    Great Horned Owl

    North America is home to the broadest range of oak species in the world, as well as the continent-spanning territory of the Great Horned Owl. Reforestation’s oak colorways range from deep and medium browns to a lighter taupe, named for waterfalls in Tennessee, Oklahoma and Washington state.

    • Populus

    Snowy Owl

    Known as poplar, cottonwood and aspen, populus trees are one of the few non-coniferous trees able to grow in the cold taiga biome where Snowy Owls make their winter home. The finely grained medium gray of the populus colorway is named for waterfall-rich Alberta, Canada.

    • Birch

    Great Grey Owl

    Strikingly beautiful like the Great Grey Owl, birch trees are known for their role as a pioneer species, helping to establish life in desolate environments. Named after Cumberland Falls in Kentucky, this birch colorway features a soothing warm beige.

    • Evergreen

    Western Screech Owl

    The conifer forests of North America’s marine west coast are populated by the tallest trees in the world and the Western Screech Owl. The evergreen colorway captures a striking sense of airiness and is named for Waterwheel Falls in Yosemite National Park.

    • Maple

    Eastern Screech Owl

    A frequent habitat for Eastern Screech Owls, maple trees are found almost entirely in the northern hemisphere and feature smooth-grained wood. In modern beige and gray tones, these maple colorways are named after waterfalls in New York and British Columbia.

    • Walnut

    Western Screech Owl

    Known largely as an eastern and midwestern tree, walnut also has a presence along the west coast, home to the Western Screech Owl. Named for waterfalls in California and Oregon, the colorways presented here feature muted browns and grays.

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