Phlox by Okamura

    Phlox is Okamura’s latest collection of collaborative seating and tables, designed by Rainlight. Inspired by a close-up view of the night phlox flower and its fascinating petals, the Phlox collection captures both the vitality and calming influence of nature. Consisting of chairs and tables of various shape, size and height, Phlox was designed to promote a serene environment, ensuring a gentle footprint where ideas flow, naturally.

    Sustainability Statement

    Phlox has carefully considered environmental impact when designing each component, including its ability to be disassembled following a long life of use. The structural chair shell, made of 100% recycled polypropylene, is salvaged from other manufacturing processes, designed to reduce C02 emissions and the recycled content consists of more than 50% of the product weight. Our new upholstery fabric Re:net- a textile made from fishing nets salvaged from Japan’s sea, then knit together with recycled PET yarns to create textile that’s sustainable and deeply pigmented. Natural and biodegradable, our linoleum is produced with 100% clean energy and is carbon neutral. Antibacterial and antiviral properties, combined with matte finish that doesn’t show fingerprints makes this work surface highly suitable in shared spaces. For greater sustainability, our distinctive and beautiful laminated bamboo veneer grows 20 times faster than conifer plantations, absorbing up to 40 times more CO2 per hectare, bamboo is nature’s sustainable choice.

    Health and Wellness Attributes
    Phlox was designed to promote a serene environment, ensuring a gentle footprint where ideas flow, naturally. The collaborative seating and table collection’s biophilic influence supports the conception of an environment geared towards reducing stress, while boosting occupant well-being, communication, and productivity.
    Key Features


    • The gently curved design cultivates a serene environment while being soft to the touch and comfortable to use.

    • Available as Conference chair, in middle and high back, Lounge chair and High Stool variations

    • Available in 5 different base types (Conference model): 5-star caster, 4-star caster, 4-star glide, 4-leg wood and 4-leg steel

    • Features our new Re:net fabric made from salvaged fish nets from Japan’s sea knit together with recycled PET yarns.


    • The tabletops come in various soft, organic shapes, all with rounded corners.

    • Available in 4 heights, Standard, Low, Collaborative height, and Bar height.

    • Table tops available in 5 veneer finishes, 9 high pressure laminates, 5 furniture linoleum with 4 solid wood color leg options.

    • Optional table power outlet


    Buyer Information
    Chairs: from $1,000 list Tables: Varies. 96"x48" is from $2,850 list
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    10-12 weeks
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