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Teem by iOFFICE’s LobbyConnect is an easy-to-use visitor management solution for modern organizations. It ensures everyone has the information they need throughout their visit and helps company leaders monitor and manage the people who enter your office.

Paper visitor logs don’t work for today’s dynamic workplace. If your tools aren’t up to the task, guests may experience long wait times, crowded lobbies, and a confusing check-in process. That’s why we designed LobbyConnect to automate tasks, maintain consistent and accurate records, increase efficiency, and keep visitor management practices up to date.

If someone tests positive for COVID-19, you can reference you visitor logs to quickly identify who was in the office on a specific day and notify them of a possible exposure. LobbyConnect also makes it easy to comply with new distance requirements, occupancy limits, and other health regulations or company policies.

Most people don’t feel comfortable leaving their personal information exposed on paper sign-in sheets for others to read. LobbyConnect offers a digital check-in process that protects visitor information from other guests. Hosts will be notified via email, text, or Slack when it’s time to welcome their guests so they aren’t stuck waiting in the lobby.

This dynamic solution helps you build rapport with your guests by improving their visit, creating a safer environment, and respecting their time.

Deployment: Cloud

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Key Features
  • CHECK-IN FLOW BY VISITOR TYPE – Create custom workflows for each type of visitor (such as contractor, candidate, or even employee) by requiring signatures for different contracts or asking specific check-in questions.
  • STORE CONTRACTS – Use Dropbox or Box integrations to automatically store signed visitor contracts.
  • NOTIFY HOSTS – Notify hosts when guests arrive with Slack, Hipchat, SMS, or email.
  • CONTACT TRACING – Export visitor logs to trace who was in the office, when.
  • PRE-REGISTER VISITORS – Employees can send invitations to visitors ahead of time, enhancing security and streamlining the check-in process.
  • HANDLE DELIVERIES – Allow delivery personnel to instantly notify a mail manager.
  • CHECK VISITOR WELLNESS – Keep the office healthy by asking custom questions to check visitor or employee wellness before they enter.
  • MAKE A STRONG FIRST IMPRESSION – Showcase your company’s culture and brand with customizable backgrounds and colors in the beautiful, easy-to-use LobbyConnect iPad app.
Lead Time
None! Once you activate your account, it’s quick and easy for you to set up LobbyConnect on your end.
LobbyConnect pricing starts at $1,000 per lobby per year. Contact us for a quote.
Next Steps
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