Mobile Versa Wall® by GSky Plant Systems, Inc.


    The MOBILE Versa Wall® provides space planning flexibility while delivering the added health & wellness benefits of live plants. A welcome design addition in today’s employee focused office. Single or double sided, MOBILE units can be used in numerous applications. As stand alone dividers, groupings of multiple units to partition larger spaces, create a private workspace sanctuary or enhance co-working areas. Allows the opportunity to have a major impact on space with plants rather than the token practice of plants spread around in pots. The ability to really integrate plants into the work environment for the health and productivity benefits they bring.

    Sustainability Statement
    • Recycled materials are used in the manufacturing of our tray systems
    • We use local service partners for installations & maintenance eliminating excessive
    • Drip irrigation and our proprietary tray system significantly reduces water usage
    • Minimize the impact of the concrete jungle
    • While our living walls passively impact air quality, we are working on systems that will
      actively clean the air.
    Health and Wellness Attributes
    • Supports Air Purification and Optimal Humidity Levels
    • Improves Productivity & Creative Thinking
    • Provides Sound Absorption & Privacy
    • Promotes Overall Health & Well-being
    Key Features
    • Allows for Flexible Space Configuration
    • Completely Self-Contained Mobile Unit
    • Double Sided or Single Sided w/Dry Erase Board
    • 40 Watt LED Light Bar
    • Tank & Pump Irrigation
    • No WI-FI or Special Connections Required
    • Heavy Duty Locking Casters w/Leveling Function
    • 79.25”H x 40”W x 19”D
    Buyer Information
    Pricing based on order quantity
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    Buyer Information
    Lead Time
    8-12 weeks
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