MyZone Personal Desk Environment by Air Innovations Inc


The MyZone personal desk environment (model ME200) is a desk console management system that attaches to a personal work surface and combines environmental control, lighting control, lift functions, and optional HEPA filtration inside a single unit.

The MyZone desk console management control system includes a color touch screen to provide essential features needed to provide comfort cooling and heating to employees including adjustable louvers, forced air heating, and ambient cooling. Users can control these features with the non-fixed controller, which can be positioned anywhere above or below the desk.

These systems are very simple to install and can be swapped out without support from an Air Innovations engineer, so a company can upgrade their desks at their own pace. The mechanical section of the unit itself can be mounted horizontally or vertically under the desk for ease of installation and to maximize flexibility with a variety of sit/stand desk designs.

Sustainability Statement

The MyZone system has the lowest power consumption in the industry. The unit sips energy at a low 3.9A, while several competitor units draw 12A or more of power. It also contains an automatic motion sensor that puts the system into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, allowing for additional power savings.

Health and Wellness Attributes

MyZone systems can be installed with an optional HEPA filter provide better air quality and greater protection against infectious diseases. The filter reduces particle count by 94% 5 minutes after the unit is installed. This results in high quality pure air directed at the user.

Key Features
  • Heating and Cooling: Patented, Reflective Arc Technology, allows us to maximize the heat out of the system while utilizing a smaller heating source. In addition, the unit contains fans with multi-level outputs.
  • Leg Lift System: System management of up to 3 sets of Linak lifts. Optional dry contacts for up to 2 24VDC 2AMP max load leg lifts.
  • Air Filtration: The unit includes a standard MERV 7 filter. An optional HEPA filter can be installed on the unit providing better air quality and greater personal protection to employees at their desks.
  • Mounting: The system can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to maximize space under the desk and to reduce the visual profile of the system.
  • Lighting: Controls task lighting and LED operations.
  • Controller: Non-fixed controller allows a user the flexibility to position it anywhere on the desk. The touchscreen controller can also be customized with a company logo.
  • Power Consumption: The unit uses a low 3.9A, versus competitive units which draw 12A or more of power.
  • Adjustable clock, calendar, and white noise generator.
Where it is manufactured?
North Syracuse, New York
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