Kadence: All-in-one Hybrid Working Solution


    Kadence is a full suite of easy-to-use hybrid working software designed to improve the coordination of people, space and time to help your teams work smarter.

    We believe the way we work should lift us up, not lock us in, enabling people to flourish in everything they do. That’s why we’re building the next generation of tools for hybrid working, designed to unleash the potential of people, powering a more positive way of getting work done.

    By building the operating system for the future of work, we improve the coordination of people, time and space to help teams feel trusted and empowered to make the best choices about how, when and where they get their best work done.

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    Key Features
    • Desk booking: Make desk and space booking easy with an app your employees want to use [see our Desk Scheduling Profile here]
    • Room scheduling: Integrates with Microsoft and Google calendars and other tools for simple room and desk management
    • People coordination: Help your people find teammates easily with interactive, real-time floor plans
    • Visitor management (coming soon): Know who is visiting the office, when they arrived, and that everyone is safe to be there.
    • Employee safety: Keep people safe with health screening, touchless check-ins and capacity management.
    • Space management: See how your people use spaces, and get insights to deliver a great experience. Set up neighborhood zones or quiet areas in a few clicks
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