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Nook is a family of mindful meeting and personal spaces – designed for wellness and agility in hybrid workplace and learning spaces. With workplaces facing sudden and dramatic change, Nook has created a range of solutions which quickly and easily help to tackle social distancing & density issues, lower stress levels & improve wellbeing, cater for neurodiversity, add space flexibility & future-proofing. All without costly redesign or disruption.

OPEN PLAN OFFICES WERE ALREADY BROKEN, now they are deeply unfit for purpose. As we adapt to new ways of working, expectations have evolved. The fundamentals of the workspace must now include wellbeing, hygiene, distancing, collaboration, social functions, agility and technology.

Used in Workspace, Education Environments and Event settings, Nook helps to:

  • Tackle social distancing & density issues
  • Lower stress levels & improve wellbeing
  • Promote Neuroinclusivity
  • Increase small-meeting volume
  • Add space flexibility
  • Cultivate engagement
  • Improve productivity

NOOK SOLO BOOTH – Quickly adds personal, quiet, clean space to any environment. Available as a closed or partially open booth, Nook Solo provides shelter for focus work, phone calls or individual video conferencing. Easily moved, Nook Solo activates challenging space and maximizes workspace density.

Check out our blog! Learn where workspace is headed and how we are ensuring it takes people with it.


Come experience this product in action at NeoCon 2022 • Booth 7-1062


Sustainability Statement

The most sustainable products are those can be used and reused for many years. Nook is designed on that basis using over 70% recyclable materials which are 90% recyclable.

Key Features

Acoustic Rating:

  • The Solo Booth with door shows a minimum of 23 dBA attenuation. Enough reduction to provide quiet to focus without isolation. Please see attached for reference.

Connectivity Choices:

  • Nook Solo Booths as standard :
    • USB-A and USB-C outlets and 1 x 120v on desktop
    • 3 x standard 120v outlets below the desk

Installation Time:

  • 45 minutes for 2 persons without prior experience.

Air Quality Considerations:

  • Solo Booths Nook Solo Air replacement is greater than 1 and a half times per minute.
Where it is manufactured?
USA and UK
Lead Time
3-5 weeks for standard finishes
Nook Flex models from $ 3,600.00 Nook Pro models from $ 6,000.00
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