Spacewell Smart Workplace IoT Platform


Spacewell’s IoT-enabled and user-friendly reservation solution facilitates booking and management of desks, rooms, and services using a range of touchpoints.

Solutions for: Office and Coworking

Organizations will love that it helps them smoothly navigate their workday and find adequate space faster across different floors. They will also love:

  • The ability to book service tickets and provide instant feedback
  • The availability of contextual information (like crowdedness) to navigate a transformed office
  • Real-time floorplan views with multiple viewing filters
  • Easier access to the spaces you need when you need them as a result of streamlining
Key Features
  • Touchpoints include web portal, mobile appkioskroom panelstatus lightsand Outlook
  • Integrate with sensors to understand occupancy and utilization in real-time and to create automated workflows
  • Powerful dashboards help identify pain points and improve office design and management, especially in agile environments
  • Real-time floorplan visualization along with historical data analysis
  • Book services and equipment along with reservations
  • Maximize recaptured space with auto-cancel of no-shows
  • New COVID-19 features include options for non-invasive contact tracing, smart cleaning, and social distancing


  • 100% SaaS with open APIs and hardware-agnostic platform
  • Connects to market-leading sensor technology and BMS
  • Ongoing third-party sensor certification program
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Lead Time
48 Hours
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