New Technology From Spacewell Will Help Future-Proof The Office

As we prepare for our new normal, Spacewell Workplace  platform can help facilitate effective social distancing and much more. 

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing efforts to figure out the best scenarios for bringing people back to the workplace has brought many new technology options to the marketplace. Our round up of leading desk reservation technology has given WDM the opportunity to bring the best-in-class options for our readers to review. We connected with the team at Spacewell to take a deeper look at their solutions.

Spacewell Workplace platform facilitates IoT-enabled and user-friendly reservation services. Available through multiple touchpoints, including a personal assistant mobile app, touchscreen kiosks, room displays, a web portal, and with Outlook integration, the solution facilitates room and desk booking, and even allows services to be booked alongside spaces.

How will the Spacewell Workplace platform help companies in their return to the office planning efforts?

It not only provides immediate support in the crisis, but will also help companies future-proof their office for the ‘new normal’

Immediate support to keep each other safe:

  • Facilitate effective social distancing
    • Make all rooms and desks reservable with capacity limitations (can be easily scaled up or down in accordance with current guidelines)
    • Disable seats on digital floor plans to maintain (a six-foot) workspace distance
    • Use sensor data to monitor social distancing and create crowdedness alerts
  • Activates non-intrusive contact tracing
    • Use reservations systems to monitor potential exposure
  • Enable smart cleaning
    • Leverage sensor data for faster responses & better targeted services in offices with more occupancy variation
The personal assistant makes finding and booking rooms and services effortless

Future-proofing the office:

Building and workplace managers can leverage sensor data and analytics to:

  • Understand how much WFH is changing occupancy
  • Inform lease renegotiations, new construction, or retrofits
  • Drive office redesign or downsizing

What factors are the driving forces behind your platform?

With the Spacewell Workplace platform we aim to make buildings more transparent and responsive to the needs of occupants. The platform supports agile working and enables better targeted, more dynamic services (as needed instead of as scheduled). It uses granular data/building intelligence to improve building performance and enhance the employee experience.

LED-equipped Room Display, ideal for short-notice booking

What are the key features?

  • Touchpoints include web portal, mobile app, kiosk, room panel, and Outlook
  • Integrates with sensors to understand occupancy, utilization, and comfort in real-time and to create automated workflows
  • Powerful dashboards help identify pain points and improve office design and management, especially in agile environments
  • Real-time floorplan visualization along with historical data analysis
  • Book services and equipment along with reservations
  • Streamlining services, like auto-release of ghost bookings
  • New COVID-19 features include options for non-intrusive contact tracing, smart cleaning, and social distancing
  • 100 percent SaaS with open APIs and hardware-agnostic platform
This image shows the Personal Assistant on smartphone with new COVID-19 features

What do you think users will love about your desk reservation platform?

They will love that it helps them smoothly navigate their workday and find adequate space faster across different floors. They will also love:

  • Our user-friendly app that makes finding and booking spaces effortless
  • The ability to book service tickets and provide instant feedback
  • The availability of contextual information (like crowdedness) to navigate a transformed office
  • Real-time floorplan views with multiple viewing filters
  • Easier access to the spaces you need when you need them as a result of streamlining

Can you give us an idea of your pricing structure?

Our pricing consists of one-time hardware and setup costs, plus recurring SaaS license fees based on square footage. Interested readers can contact us here or request a demo, online.

Connect with Spacewell:


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