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    ROOM is reshaping the modern workplace with a line of purpose-built products that offer companies an affordable, sustainable, and flexible alternative to fixed construction and traditional office design. ROOM’s flagship product is a soundproof and ventilated office phone booth that brings privacy back to the open office, giving people the space they need to think and be creative.

    Constant noise and insufficient meeting space lead to lost productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. The Phone Booth creates space for solo phone calls, virtual meetings, and focused work, so you never have to fight over conference rooms or take calls in the hallway again.

    The thoughtfully-engineered and flexible design adapts with your evolving workplace, while sustainable soundproofing tunes out the noise, giving everyone in the office a moment of peace. The ROOM Phone Booth uses soundproofing materials made from over 1,000 recycled water bottles and features a motion sensor that automatically turns off the lights and fans for energy efficiency. Plus, two ultra-quiet fans wholly replenish air every 60 seconds, 5x that of a standard conference room. Easy to clean and sanitize with readily available disinfectants and cleaning agents, the Phone Booth offers a hygienic personal space in the open workplace.

    ROOM ships its phone booths flat directly to businesses, with a focus on simple, functional design to keep costs low and quality high. The result is a product that is the first to solve the issue of noise in the open workplace at scale.

    Sustainability Statement

    All ROOM products are built out of recycled materials and replace multiple cycles of construction. We’ve saved tens of millions of plastic bottles from reaching a landfill. By thinking cyclically, we’re helping to reduce the near 600 million tons of construction and demolition waste created each year. Plus, our products have been tested for over 10k chemicals, and have met rigorous low-emissions standards supporting healthy office environments. From design and manufacturing to delivery and experience, we’re making room for a cleaner and better future.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    At ROOM, we recognize that people are the most important asset in any organization so we always put them first. For companies to build and retain the best talent, future workspaces must be designed for the people using it – not only to satisfy our functional needs, but to inspire a better way of working. We design purpose-built modular spaces that serve to fuel innovation, productivity, and cultural bonds. Our flexible products increase productivity by over 40%, provide dedicated space for peace and quiet or community and collaboration – be it in-person or with hybrid teams through VC-enabled rooms, and overall, boost employee happiness. Happy employees are productive employees, and productive teams create the innovative ideas that fuel the most inspiring businesses.

    Key Features
    • Dimensions:
      • Exterior 225.6cm x W 105.4cm x D 110.0cm
      • Interior 92.7cm x D 97.3cm
      • Desk Height 109.2cm
    • Sustainable Soundproofing Three layers of sound insulation made from recycled materials, including 100% natural breathable wool and no-dye-added acoustic felt, reduce noise by 30 decibels.
    • Ventilation – Each booth comes equipped with two ultra-quiet fans that wholly replenish air every 60 seconds. Discreet airflow inlet constantly pulls in fresh air while two ceiling fans push warm air out, keeping the air inside fresh at all times.
    • Connectivity Two 120v outlets and an optional ethernet port ensure you stay connected and keep you charged up.
    • Built-in Desk: A built-in 31.5” grooved, oak-veneered desk holds any smartphone or tablet upright, giving you ample space for all your essentials. 
    • Safe and Certified – ROOM’s Phone Booth  is SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified, which is SCS Global Services’ highest level of indoor air quality performance for furniture. The certification assures that furniture products support a healthy indoor environment by meeting strict chemical emission limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
    • Plug & Play Installation – Flat-packed for seamless delivery and assembly. No hardwiring required. All it takes is one tool, one hour, and two team members.
    Buyer Information
    $5,995 / Monthly financing starting at $181/month
    Where it is manufactured?
    Lead Time
    Ships within 4-6 weeks
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