Why Your Office is Beginning to Look Like a Forest and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web.

Amazon Sphere
A meeting area called “the Nest” inside Amazon’s Spheres in Seattle. Image courtesy of Mike Kane/Bloomberg.
  • In a bid to keep workers happy and productive, Bloomberg reports that many companies are flocking towards the trend called “biophilia,” which is based on the idea that humans have an innate connection to nature.
  • Many co-working spaces can seem noisy and lack privacy, but not the BakkeRij in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Hans van Eeden of HER Architecten tells TreeHugger that a former 14,00m2 (15,600 SF) bakery was turned into business / workshop spaces for small and start-up companies using 60 shipping containers.
  • Observer says it’s time to give the cubicle its goodbye party and ship it off to retirement. There’s simply no place for it in today’s modern activity-driven culture, because the space that adults will occupy for decades — the workspace — shouldn’t run counter to the lives they want to lead.
  • Workbar Back Bay in Boston is may be the first co-working space designed to meet the exacting WELL Building Standard. FMLink reports on how this new co-working space incorporates cutting-edge IoT systems and wellness features to enhance collaboration and productivity.
  • There’s lots of research around the impact of color on the way we perform at work. Dale Office Interiors has explored the theory a little deeper to find out which characteristics are stimulated by which colors, and therefore which shades are most likely to boost productivity in different types of business.
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