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Industry News: Bring Employees Back With Creative Spaces And Quiet Zones

The push for nicer offices is becoming more about practical design solutions, why architecture students must understand the existing political, social, and economic systems, and more.

Industry News: Remaking the Workspace to Boost Social Connection

Prioritizing social connection as we redesign the office, rethinking downsizing the office, and more news.

Industry News: Is The Office Dead Or Not?

Is the office dead or will it survive and come back stronger than ever? Inform your opinion with some of the latest industry news.

Incorporating Outdoor Space in the Work Environment: Designing for Long-Term Impact

Is employee retention, engagement, and happiness important to the success of your business? If so, you may want to find out more about a growing trend that companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are utilizing in their work spaces.

Event Recap: How Do AI Assistants Impact Our Workspaces?

Didn't get the chance to make it to our most recent TALK? Check out our recap to learn more about how machine learning and...

It’s Time to Take Pointers From Coworking’s Success and Other Industry News

Traditional companies are looking to mirror the hospitable vibe of coworking centers, as Amazon and Apple grow their U.S. footprints, how they went about it reveals more about how the companies do business, and more news.

Why Your Office is Beginning to Look Like a Forest and Other Industry News

Why your office is starting to look like a forest, a Dutch co-working space created out of shipping containers, the death of the cubicle, and more industry news!

Which Finalist City Will Woo Amazon?, Chicago’s First Women-Only Co-Working Space, and Other Industry News

What will it take for the finalist cities to woo Amazon? + a look inside Chicago's first women-only co-working space, and more!

WDM’s Amazon HQ2 Poll Results

Thanks for your input. We're excited to share with you (and maybe Amazon too!) the results of our recent poll on what our readers thing about Amazon's HQ2.

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