In Case You Missed It…Women’s Edition

A roundup of our top articles written by female authors in honor of International Women’s Day. 

Skylights draw natural light into a common reading room where staff can meet, reflect, and collaborate. Photo by Eric Laignel – Courtesy of HOK.
  1. Moving Beyond Open Plan Spaces
    Kay Sargent explores why so many companies are still using outdated planning approaches that no longer suit their employees’ needs.
  2. Workplace of the Future, Part 5: Conclusions
    CallisonRTKL’s Jodi Williams and Stefana Scinta conclude their series on how technology, inter-connectedness, environmental change and flexibility are key features in the workplace of the future.
  3. Activity-Based Working & Wellness: The Human/Nature Side of the Popular Design Typology
    PLASTARC’s Melissa Marsh explains how activity-based working has positive impacts on the mental, physical, and social health of the workplace.
  4. The Dollars and Sense of Well-Being
    As organizations are finally waking up to the reality that people are their most valuable and important asset, Kate Lister breaks down the ROI of employee well-being.
  5. How Can Workplace Design Improve our Emotional Safety?
    Author and workplace design specialist, Leigh Stringer outlines important strategies that can be implemented to support emotional safety of not only abuse victims, but all employees as well.
  6. The Human Touch: Four Ways the Workplace is Becoming More Human-Focused
    Today, employees are seeking environments that are more mobile, flexible, and personalized. JLL’s Workplace Strategy Lead, Bernice Boucher outlines four major ways the workplace is changing for the better.
  7. CEOs Talk Workplace: Sodexo’s Lorna Donatone Talks About the Importance of Culture When You Can’t Control the Workspace
    Although Sodexo has been around for 50 years, it’s important to CEO Lorna Donatone that their workspaces reflect a culture that is diverse, inviting, and constantly evolving.
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