The Rise of the Women-Only Workspace, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

The Wing, New York – Image courtesy of Tory Williams via the Guardian
  • Could single-sex working environments make women feel more secure and productive? Check out the Guardian’s interview with the founders of new women-only members’ clubs from around the world.
  • As the flexible office market has grown up in the past few years, Real Estate Weekly is seeing a shift in the commercial leasing world. Flexible office spaces used to only target short-term leases but are now also catering to larger tenants who want to avoid longer leases.
  • Design is an agent of change that can be used to interpret changes of any type – whether they are personal, political, cultural, social, economic, scientific, environmental, or technological, says Wallpaper*. How can it help us build a better world?
  • Media and fans have raved about standing desks, reports CO.DESIGN, even though there’s little scientific evidence that supports their alleged ergonomic and health benefits. A new research paper suggests that standing desks have a negative effect on our cognitive abilities, too.
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