TiMOTION’s State of the Art Technology Makes Sit-to-Stand Solutions Easy

TiMOTION’s height adjustable desks are the perfect way to promote employee wellness while still maintaining a slim, clean aesthetic in the workplace.

Incorporating adjustable height desks is a key element of today’s healthier workplace.

When the “sitting is the new smoking” concept arose, workplace ergonomists were left scrambling to find furniture solutions that promoted change of posture throughout the work day. Before this became mainstream, inventive workers created their own version of standing desks, creatively using everything from cardboard boxes and milk crates. Fast forward to present day; there are now multiple options to provide solutions that make this easy and affordable. The design engineers at TiMOTION, a provider of high quality motion components to furniture manufacturers, have just introduced their TEK01 ergonomic desk frame kit.

What differentiates the TEK01 in the market?

Our ergonomic desk frame kit has a sturdy steel frame, yet keeps a slim, clean aesthetic.  It runs smoothly, quietly and safely. The TEK01 features anti-collision technology. This new sensor technology is an innovative hardware-based solution that can detect if a system has collided with an object, fallen out-of-sync with the other legs of the desk, or shifted during operation. If it detects an obstruction it will stop operating, preventing injury or harm to the user or the desk. If one of these conditions is met, t-touch immediately sends the control box a command to stop and reverse the desk’s operational direction. Compared to a software-based detection system, t-touch is more sensitive, stable, and works independently of the load and temperature.

In addition, we do all our product development and manufacturing in-house, providing our customers with a high degree of specialization and quality. We provide various column styles, powder coating options, and even rubber convertible covers to change up the look of one’s desk. Even better, our patented preassembled packaging means that assembly time takes less than 10 minutes!

How does the product impact workplace design?

Height adjustable workstations are becoming more and more prominent in modern workplaces. It seems like everyone these days wants a sit-stand desk, and for good reason. They promote a healthy and efficient work environment. Research has shown that alternating between sitting and standing throughout the workday improves blood flow, concentration, productivity, and overall health.

How does the product contribute to “new ways of working”?

With height adjustable workstations, users can program their desks to their optimal ergonomic heights. TiMOTION recently launched a mobile app, called “Stand Up PLS,” to enhance the user’s experience with their sit-stand desks. It offers features such as Bluetooth synchronization, memory functionality of height positions, customized programs to encourage users to alternate between sitting and standing, and data tracking functionality to monitor calories burned.

 “Stand Up PLS” is a mobile app giving the user ability to adapt the functionality to their specific requirements and track the results.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

The high amount of customization that goes along with our height adjustable workstations is unmatched by others in the market. The fact that you can change your desk’s color by using our convertible covers, or program it and track your movement via your phone is a wonderful feature. Users of sit-stand desks report higher productivity and workplace satisfaction, and our products help make that a reality.

A fun feature is the ability to change up the look of the frame using  color sleeves- there are ten available color options.

Where can we see the product?

We exhibit our Ergo Motion line at NeoCon and Ergo Expo every year.

We will also be exhibiting at CIFF in Shanghai from September 10-13, 2018. You can find us at booth #8.2B03.

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