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Designing Industrial Sites to be More Socially and Environmentally Responsible

Daniel Lessing of BHDP Architecture offers advice on developing projects that support ESGs in becoming more socially and environmentally responsible and using their implementation to attract and retain talent.

Industry News: How DC Bosses Are Luring Workers Back to the Office

How DC companies are luring employees back to work, materials that can bring health into interior architecture, and more news from around the web.

Tips To Achieve Sustainable Biophilic Design Vs. Greenwashed Aesthetics

Allwork.Space offers these three tips for organizations that wish to implement biophilic design practices.

The Benefits of Biophilia, Access to the Outdoors in Today’s Work Environments

As more people are returning to the office, Gensler's Khoi Hoang shares how biophilic designs are becoming more and more central to office environments.

How To Design A Flexible Workspace That Supports Wellness

Wellness is “front and centre” of the flexible work ecosystem’s consciousness right now. Allwork.Space explores why it's important and how to achieve it.

Strategic Repositioning: The Key to Reimagined, Livable Urban Work Environments

Ian Zapata and Sheryl Schulze of Gensler share how office space will need to be repositioned to better align with the future of work.

Don’t Forget A Comfortable Pair of Shoes

JLL's Melissa Walker explores how workplace fashion directly impacts your wellbeing.

NeoCon Virtual CEU – Fractal Vision: A Stress-Reductive Approach to the Built Environment

NeoCon Virtual CEU Fractal Vision: A Stress-Reductive Approach to the Built Environment

In Wellness We Trust

Melissa Hanley and Kimberley O’Dowd of Blitz share enduring lessons learned from our time away from the office.

Wellness Programs Aren’t Working: Is Toxic Workplace Culture to Blame?

The problem with many workplace wellness programs is that they don't tackle the root cause of most workplace stress – toxic company culture.

Three Ways to Enthusiastically Bring Employees Back to Work

Vedic Meditation Teacher, Susan Chen offers some ways to create a culture of enthusiasm for returning to the workplace full time.

Bring Your Whole Self to Work: Designing for Holistic Employee Wellness

NeoCon's recent virtual program examines the way designers can approach new and continuing workplace projects with a refined emphasis on employee health and wellbeing.

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