How the Design World Is Reacting to the Australia Fires, And Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

  • Through donations, words, and actions, Architectural Digest shares how interior designers and more are trying to help the devastating bushfire crisis in Australia.
  • Have you ever worked in an office that just didn’t seem to feel right? Ever had the sense your office clashed with your personality? Ever felt unproductive in any of the offices you occupied? Forbes explains how the culprit could have been the office colors.
  • Do you want your office to be as convivial as a town square? Then design it like one, reports Frame.
  • Tech Republic shares a new study that reveals private office spaces lead to more productivity, and remote workers face challenges.
  • With the current news reports about the collapse of WeWork, you might think the whole sector is in trouble. But, says the Real Deal, flexible office space isn’t going anywhere — and will likely continue expanding.
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