How To Excel In An ‘Agile’ Workspace, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Image via NYT.
  • A Lenovo employee who recently transitioned from a traditional workspace to an agile environment shares, via Forbes, some lessons learned along the way on how to better navigate the dynamic workspace.
  • The New York Times asks why a generation of workers is rejecting cookie-cutter office space, opting instead for the manufacturing lofts that once defined New York City.
  • The South African shares how coworking spaces are taking off in South Africa, and with this increase, comes the realization that community is more important than ever.
  • After WeWork, reports the Wall Street Journal, real-estate startups are rethinking the pursuit of fast growth.
  • When Gensler decided to move its European headquarters to East London, it couldn’t find an off-the-shelf furniture solution that would meet the ever-shifting creative needs and myriad ways of working of the 250-person office. Frame shares their solution.
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