Industry News: The real reason open offices won’t go away any time soon

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Source Image: Yuri Parmenov/iStock
  • Fast Company explores how the open-plan office will have to evolve, though, finding its true purpose as a collaborative work space augmented by remote work.
  • OnOffice reports that a survey has concluded that physical office space is indispensable.
  • New York City’s surfeit of office space will survive the COVID-19 crisis, but will look a little different on the other side, says The Architect’s Newspaper.
  • With the world slowly adapting to life in a pandemic, architecture is being called upon to reshape our spaces as we look optimistically ahead to a post-pandemic world. Wallpaper reports the ongoing debates in the industry.
  • Get a comfortable chair, says NPR, because permanent work from home is coming.
  • Announcement: We are humbled by the high-energy and innovation in the submissions received thus far for WDM’s The Next Work Environment Competition. But we also understand the request for a little more time. Therefore, we are extending the deadline for submissions to JULY 9th! Thank you in advance for your creativity, innovation, and positive look to the future of work everywhere.
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