Interview With Ken Wilson: The Future Workplace Will Be More Important Than Ever

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Emma Weckerling
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Bob Fox chats with competition juror, and Principal, Interior Design Director at Perkins and Will D.C., Ken Wilson about how the office will have to evolve to support the future of work.

Bob and Ken discuss the competition and his thoughts on if and how we will come out of the pandemic. Ken is optimistic that things will return to normal and that the workplace is going to be more important than ever. He believes the notion that people won’t return to an office is overblown and the reality is that there will be some that can work remotely but the rest will passionately return and will create spaces that are better than they were before.

Prior to the pandemic, the number one thing that Ken’s Perkins and Will clients desired was a space that their employees want to come to. We’ve known since before the pandemic that most professionals can work from home, but some of Ken’s clients realized the importance of bringing people together. Having people together in a space reinforces culture, mentoring and chance meetings. These are a few things that have been eliminated by remote work. Ken thinks that workspaces are going to have to evolve to be better than they were before to support this.

You can learn more about The Next Work Environment Competition here. Submissions close July 9th! 

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