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social distancing

Returning to the Office: Emerging Trends and Unchartered Paths

Jeffrey Paine and Bethany Ratcliff explore how to develop future workplaces that meet client needs and sustain office culture.

Reimagining the Return to Work and Space Optimization

As the workplace is reimagined, innovative technology will be necessary to inform decision making and revolutionize the office of the future.

Return to Work: Secrets to Avoiding the Coming Employee Zombie Anxiety Apocalypse [Pt 1]

Introducing a series of three essential discussions for workplace leaders https://youtu.be/f0NsnV6glC0 Work Design Magazine is proud to bring our readers, leaders and managers everywhere access to...

SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation Platform Supports A Confident Return To Work

Looking for a safe return to the office? SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation technology enables employees to see on a map if they’re maintaining proper spacing.

New Technology From Spacewell Will Help Future-Proof The Office

As we prepare for our new normal, Spacewell's Cobundu Smart Building platform can help facilitate effective social distancing and much more. 

HPFi’s Eve Harbor Line: A Practical & Safe Seating Solution

Eve Harbor from HPFi can be configured in multiple ways allowing small groups to gather while managing appropriate healthy distances.

Designing Safe, Compelling Shared Spaces to Rekindle Our Love for the Office

How can our shared spaces evolve to keep the parts we love while also keeping us safe as we return to work?

Industry News: Is the Five-Day Office Week Over?

There’s value in working from home at least some of the time, what our socially distanced workplaces might look like, and more news.

Five Post-COVID Behaviors and Attitudes that Will Reshape the Workplace

NELSON Worldwide shares five behavior and attitude shifts they predict will have the heaviest impact on the corporate workplace along with recommendations for meeting these challenges.

Sensors, Smart Tags & Signage for a Safer Workplace

Don't Miss the second Virtual Technology Summit Join PMC, Haworth and Freespace for a 2-part series to find out how touchless technologies such as sensors,...

Redefine Workspaces With FrameWork From Decca Contract

As many of us are currently having to reexamine the layout of future workspaces, Decca Contract has delivered a great product, just in time!

A Round Up Of Our Favorite Separation Solution Products

Find the perfect separation solution product to make your return to the office a safe one.

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