A Conversation About Diversity and Inclusion with Mark Johnson of Kimball International

Bob Fox connects with Mark Johnson of Kimball International to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Bob and Mark recently sat down via Zoom to chat about how things need to change in the workplace and what we need to do to create a path forward. During these troubling and difficult times, Bob and Mark agree that doing nothing is not an option. The first step to solving any issue is recognizing and acknowledging it. Mark feels that while our country is definitely experiencing an ‘awakening’, we are not seeing anything new, but rather through a new lens.

Our next step is figuring out how to deal with what we have seen through difficult, emotional, and necessary conversations. Mark acknowledges that getting into a position where you are discussing someone’s beliefs and can get uncomfortable but it is important to take the next steps and have these conversations. Mark is confident that as a country we can move forward as he sees more people displaying the type of courage that will let us move forward and end up in a better place than we are now.

Bob points out that if our society is going to continue to innovate and grow, diversity is necessary. If you are only working with people who think like you everyday, how are you going to generate new ideas? Check out Bob and Mark’s full conversation in the video above to learn more about Mark’s thoughts and how you and your workplace can take the next steps.

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