Industry News: The Surprising Tactic That Could Help Workplaces Recover In 2021

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

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  • Designing with playfulness—a curious and experimental spirit—can help engage employees and give them more buy-in to the changes. Fast Company shares three ways to start.
  • The New York Times predicts that once we can return to work, some spaces in central employment districts may become housing, and some housing in residential areas may become work spaces.
  • Burnout is on the rise, and it’s now officially been labelled an ‘occupational phenomenon’. On the upside, mental health is becoming a less taboo topic and employers are recognizing the need for change in the workplace. How can spatial design contribute to the cause? Frame explores six specific strategies.
  • Digiday reports that employees are no longer staying at companies for a cool culture.
  • The Wall Street Journal shares a detailed review of ‘Where Is My Office?’ by Chris Kane. Check out more books that WDM loved in 2020 here.
  • How does architecture affect health? More than you think, says the Upstate Business Journal.
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