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Industry News: Is the Office Now Just One Big Conference Room?

What the office offers that our homes do not, why the full ecosystem of work must be considered, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: Remote Work Has Changed How Workers Perceive Their Workplaces

How remote work has changed how employees view the office, the future of coworking relies on the hospitality industry, and more.

Industry News: Is CRE Out of Touch?

Offices are still necessary, but who will use them and why, companies are under particular pressure to offer an outstanding work experience, and more news.

Industry News: Design An Office That People Want To Come Back To

How companies should use this moment to improve office environments, it's 'dangerous' to work in posh offices, and more news.

Industry News: What Can Nike And Adidas Teach Us About Designing Active Workplaces?

A masterclass in creating active workplaces, all about mobile apps for office buildings and more news from around the web.

Industry News: How Companies Are Trying to Coax Workers Back to the Office

The latest perks to get employees back include harvesting honey, what the future holds for shuttered department stores, and more news.

Industry News: Insider Takes On Knoll’s Merger With Herman Miller

Can Knoll and Herman Miller tackle the next workplace revolution, smart buildings are the key to bringing people back to the office, and more news.

Industry News: Check Out The Googleplex Of The Future

Google is trying to reinvent office spaces to cope with pandemic changes, the history of noice-canceling technology and the open office, and more.

Industry News: Check Out The Real Chairs Behind Star Trek

See the designer chairs from Star Trek from Eames to Perriand to Saarinen, how the pandemic changed office design, and more news.

Industry News: The Surprising Tactic That Could Help Workplaces Recover In 2021

Designing workplaces with playfulness could help the office recover in 2021, the future of offices when workers have a choice, and more news.

Industry News: Planning For Workforce, Not Workplace Is The Future

How the pandemic has forced us to look at workplaces with a fresh lens, the social and economic tolls on young people without offices + more.

Industry News: The Rise, Fall, And Rise Of The Home Office

The home office once again becomes a coveted feature of modern living, how could architecture help us adapt to the pandemic, and more news.

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