Industry News: How to Handle Your Re-Entry Anxiety as the Pandemic Recedes

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web.

  • Nervous about going out into the world again? The Wall Street Journal shares some tips from a neuroscientist, a therapist, a behavioral scientist and a psychologist to help ease your re-entry anxiety.
  • ArchitectureAU considers how our existing urban fabric can be retrofitted, and large-scale urban infrastructure planned, to reinvigorate city life and maximize public benefit in a society where priorities have changed.
  • Fast Company shares how Salesforce, Spotify, and Okta are redesigning their offices after COVID-19.
  • Forbes takes a look at some insights from the coworking world and why the future of office work, albeit significantly altered, will return once more.
  • The typical question about a recovery is how long it will take for a property sector to return to its previous status. In the case of the office market, Commercial Property Executive believes whatever comes out on the other side of the pandemic hangover will almost certainly be substantially different from prior conditions.
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