The Reconfigurable Flex Mobile From HPFi Is The Perfect Flexible Office Solution

The Flex Mobile from HPFi is a reconfigurable, unified suite of seating options that coordinates across an entire facility.

Easy to reconfigure seating options are what is needed for the flexible workplace.

HPFi introduces Flex Mobile to market. As we are focusing on back to the office workplace solutions, designers are looking for furniture solutions that provide flexibility and allow for employees to easily adapt their work environment depending on immediate needs.

People are no longer sitting in their individual offices all day, with maybe an occasional trip to the conference room or coffee machine. Work as we knew it is going to be more about getting together where and when we need to.

How will Flex Mobile work in the re-invigorated, hybrid workplaces we will need going forward?

Power (110 volt and USB) modules can be in numerous locations for power on the move.

Flex Mobile takes comfortable seats and benches and made them mobile and easily reconfigurable for meetings or casual gatherings. These furniture elements are perfect for provisioning the activity-based workplace.

What are the distinguishing features of this product line?

HPFi combines old world craftsmanship with new world technology and state of the art furniture manufacturing capabilities. We see that Flex Mobile can support not only the workplace, but educational and institutional requirements for comfortable, flexible seating solutions. 

What are some other interesting facts about Flex Mobile?

We saw a need to provide options that bridge the gap between our casual Flex Ottoman and Flex Tier seating, with a modular lounge collection.

Our goal was to provide a unified suite of seating options that coordinates across an entire facility.

Are there any innovative features of the materials or fabrication of this product line?

HPFi uses the same sustainable engineered hardwoods and hybrid soy/polyoil urethane foam on all its seating products. These are just a few of the examples of our overall commitment to design and manufacture to meet our sustainability goals.

For more than 60 years, HPFi® (High Point Furniture Industries) has been building furniture in the United States with respect to our environment and our community. As a world-class manufacturing operation, we strive to reduce and to eliminate impact on our environment. We recycle and reuse wherever possible. When viable and acceptable to our customers, we incorporate recycled and recyclable materials into our finished products.

The options for creativity in layout and configuration are endless.

What do you think our readers will love about Flex Mobile?

We think they will really love the multiple options available to configure the furniture to meet their exact needs for color, finish, upholstery details. The variety of sizes and features offers scalability from small installations to large corporate, educational, and institutional products. Even more important, all of our products are manufactured in the US, which allows for quick responsiveness and lead times.

Additionally, with our “new normal” of safe distancing, ease of reconfiguring is essential. Flex Mobile features twin-wheel locking casters in place of the glides for greater flexibility in moving and adapting spaces. Adding this mobility means set-up is a breeze for all users. Combine these mobile lounge shapes with fun ottoman shapes and your space fills with playful, engaging configurations.

Our website has all the information you need to specify for any type of installation. Access our price book here.

Modules can be upholstered in differing fabrics offering a fun and interesting look for the installation.

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