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flexible workplace

4 Strategies for Smarter Space Planning in a Distributed Workplace

Erin Sevitz of iOFFICE shares 4 strategies to help make the right space planning decisions for your office.

Industry News: How office design can promote inclusion

Why you should check that your office is as accessible and inclusive as possible, an office in Prague adapting to the new changes of hybrid work, and more.

Upending the Traditional Workplace Delivery Model: Enabling Real Flexibility

PDR's Larry Lander offers an in-depth guide to creating a flexible workplace that will serve the organization far into the future.

Thriving in the Fluid Workplace

BHDP's Drew Suszko explores the impact of an increasingly fluid workplace on the workforce and how companies can learn to go with the flow.

Vocon Helped Westfield Envision A New Workplace That Emphasizes Flexibility

Vocon's design and expansion of Westfield’s new headquarters used an approach that appreciates the organization’s rich history, while bringing Westfield into the future.

The Workforce Is Exhausted, It’s Time for Companies to Redesign “Work”

Efforts to keep things as normal as possible during the pandemic has only led to virtual overload. Employers need to “unlearn old habits and fundamentally rethink work design”. 

How Free Address Can Support a Hybrid Work Environment

The potential for a hybrid workforce poses a challenging real estate equation. Enter the Free Address workplace.

The Reconfigurable Flex Mobile From HPFi Is The Perfect Flexible Office Solution

The Flex Mobile from HPFI is a reconfigurable, unified suite of seating options that coordinates across an entire facility.

Paradigm Shift Needed to Foster the New Creative Office

For those wishing to return to work this year, PDR's Larry Lander outlines how to foster the new creative office.

How Do We Draw Employees Back To The Office?

Perkins&Will’s Brent Capron asks: how do you draw staff back into the office when they no longer need to?  

SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation Platform Supports A Confident Return To Work

Looking for a safe return to the office? SpaceIQ’s Desk Reservation technology enables employees to see on a map if they’re maintaining proper spacing.

Why Agile Workplaces Are Now More Important Than Ever

As the world moves towards the next normal, agile workplaces will become more important than ever before.

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