Industry News: What Can Nike And Adidas Teach Us About Designing Active Workplaces?

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Adidas – Image via Frame / Garrett Rowland
  • Frame shares how two spaces from sportswear leaders provide a masterclass in how to create office interiors that encourage employees to move.
  • Mobile apps for office buildings have become popular as employers try to entice staff back on site by making work-related tasks convenient and safe, reports The New York Times.
  • ArchDaily outlines the impact of Gen Z on workplace culture and design trends.
  • Architect Magazine shares what precautions to take before moving everything—your design firm’s data and program applications—to the cloud.
  • Even though the back-to-back lockdowns caused temporary setbacks to the industry, People Matters says a majority of coworking spaces are now experiencing a decent resurgence, growth, and increase in demand, thus showcasing the development of this sector.
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