Industry News: Your office needs a purpose

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

  • Research shows that purpose matters to employees, says McKinsey. How can leaders leverage purpose to turn the workplace into a competitive advantage?
  • Globe St. reports space planning pros are lacking the necessary data to configure post-pandemic. Artificial intelligence could help to close the data gap.
  • Storeys explores how the pandemic has forced an evolution of workspaces.
  • Most government agencies are planning to cut back on office leases and square footage in the next 3 years, shares Government Executive.
  • Propmodo reports WeWork will be partnering with 11 cities across the globe to help companies of all sizes return to the office while also assisting local authorities around the world in their efforts to revitalize their communities.
  • Did you know Queen Elizabeth II was a key proponent of Work From Home? Long before the pandemic grounded everyone else, she maintained offices in all her castles. Learn more on our Pinterest page here!
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