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Will AI Pave The Way For A Three-Day Workweek?

The AI revolution is sparking discussion among business leaders about the potential reconfiguration of the traditional workweek.

The Future of Work Will Be Personalized

As we delve into the transformation of work environments, it becomes clear that the one-size-fits-all approach is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Designing for the Planet

M Moser Associates' Sam Allen explores how regulatory changes, investor demands, and a growing global consciousness are reshaping corporate environmental responsibilities and influencing sustainability across design, engineering, and construction sectors.

AI Will Shape The New Era Of Employee Performance Metrics

Future work metrics will leverage AI to assess productivity, efficiency, quality, innovation, well-being, learning, and ethics in 2024+.

Offices Aren’t Ready To Support Hybrid Workers, Cisco Survey Shows

Webex's global hybrid work study reveals challenges and opportunities arising out of hybrid work, highlighting the need for office redesign, AI integration, and employee upskilling.

Does The Workforce Actually Want AI Tools?

Over 50% of employees in a recent study have stated that they use AI for complex tasks, but employers remain more hesitant.

WORKTECH New York 2023: AI, People, Place and Technology

Work Design’s Katie Sargent, attended WORKTECH's 2023 New York Conference. Here are four key themes from the event. 

Industry News: Tougher RTO Policies Are No Remedy for Half-Empty Buildings

Office attendance in cities is half of what it was in 2019, AI could eliminate the 5-day work week, and more news from around the web.

How AI Is Changing the Workplace 

Julian Rimmer of M Moser Associates shares how they are using AI and machine learning to help clients realize their corporate real estate and business goals.

How Can We Navigate The Ethical Minefield Of AI Moderation In The Future Of Work?

Allwork.Space explores how AI moderation in the future of work will impact efficiency, ethics, and employee well-being.

Industry News: The Digital War For Tenants

The intense digital war for tenants among landlords and owners, how AI could change the commercial real estate industry, and more news.

How AI Expands the Design Process (Without Replacing It)

DLR Group's Osma Thompson explores how AI can be used as a tool and aid the design process.

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