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WD Flex Recap: Corporate Real Estate & The Occupiers Perspective

A recap of week 4 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring industry experts Antonia Cardone, Lenny Beaudoin, and Lori Louis.

WD Flex Recap: The Talent Equation – What the Pandemic Has Taught Us

A recap of week 4 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring industry experts, Kay Sargent of HOK and Rex Miller of Go mindSHIFT.

WD Flex Recap: What Does the New Office Look Like?

A recap of week 3 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring industry experts on return to work issues and how they are shaping work environments of the future. 

WD Flex Recap: The Options: How Will Choice and Flexibility Work?

A recap of week 2 of WD Flex: Back to the Office  featuring Nick LiVigne, Mark Gilbreath, Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak, and Linda Foggie.

WD Flex Recap – Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

A recap of week 2 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring Jessica Cooper, Kim Pexton, Kevin Cahill, and John Campbell.

WD Flex Recap: New Patterns & Trends in Returning to the Office

A recap of week 1 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring Calandra Cruickshank, Kate Lister, Ben Waber, Dr. Peggie Rothe and Bryan Berthold 

WD Flex Recap – Just The Facts: What’s Really Happening?

A recap of week 1 of WD Flex: Back to the Office hosted by StateBook's Calandra Cruickshank on what the future of work holds. 

Empathy In Practice

These designers of NeoCon's recent virtual program aren't waiting around for change to happen, they are using design as a tool to enable much needed change.

Designing Under the Influence – The Impact of Media on Design

NeoCon’s recent virtual program examines how social media has changed communication about design not only with clients, but peers too.

How Other Design Sectors Can Influence the Future of Workplace Design

As the role of the workplace evolves, NeoCon's recent Virtual Program explored why the role of designers must adapt and find new ways to facilitate connections.

The Office as an Ecosystem – NeoCon Virtual Event Recap

WDM follows up with Gemma Riberti after her recent virtual NeoCon presentation which investigated the opportunities and challenges in designing for the new office ecosystem.

A Recap of the BONDX Interiors Round Table Event

Elise Shapiro recaps the recent BOND Events Round Table which was focused on how we managed during the past year and a look forward to what may be coming next.
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