WD Flex Recap: What Does the New Office Look Like?

A recap of week 3 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring industry experts on return to office issues and how they are shaping work environments of the future. 

On July 14th, we kicked off week three of WD Flex: Back to the Office virtual event series featuring Tom Polucci, HOK; Erik Lucken, IA; Pablo Quintana, Stantec; Jamie Feuerborn, Ted Moudis Associates, and moderator Caitlin McKenna, JLL. The event was focused around the issues we are seeing as we return to work and how that is shaping our work environments. The workplace is still important but it is now being used in very different ways. The quality of the environment is the key to getting employees to return to the office. Through this conversation, our participants offered insight into what’s happening and the options that are best for you and your organization. You won’t want to miss this one! Check out the recording above to hear what our experts had to say.

Caitlin kicked off the conversation by asking the experts their thoughts on if we are truly shifting to a hybrid world. The experts agreed that while we are all currently living in a hybrid world right now, the question is will we be in 1-2 years in the future. Tom, Erik, Pablo, Jamie and Caitlin go on to answer the some of the workplace industry’s pressing questions including:

  • If I can work from anywhere, why should I go to the office?
  • How does the office need to change?
  • How healthy is healthy?
  • What types of work spaces will become a priority?
  • What is going to make me want to be there?
  • What do those considering new space need to consider?
  • And more!

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