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What If We Designed With All 5 Senses?


If we used all five senses to design our workspaces, would this make us — as end users — happier and more productive workers?

Most designers typically create spaces with only two of our five senses; namely, sight and touch. But maybe it’s not out of the question that we could use sound, scent, and taste when tackling a design challenge.

Perhaps a cohesive approach with all our senses considered would make our spaces more creative, joyful, and experiential.

A Pivotal Shift: Scalable Workplaces


How does a firm determine the appropriate actions for a unique situation? What changes must be made, and why? Since real estate costs are a big item on the expense sheet, a company must understand both its current situation and where it needs–”and wants–”to be.

A holistic approach is essential.