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When the Workplace Feeds Happiness to Employees

Happy, yes; coincidence, no. How workplace design can drive happiness—and in turn productivity. https://player.vimeo.com/video/222007623 Designing heart and soul into an office may sound nebulous but bricks...

How Measuring Happiness Can Revive Architecture in the Information Age

In this article Melissa Marsh explores harnessing occupant data to inform better building and design practices—benefitting both architects and end users.

Are You Happy at Work?

Reasons why and how today's employers are attempting to create workplaces that support employee satisfaction (from the HR perspective).

Inspiring Spaces to Boost Creative Confidence

As we enter a brand new era – a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - Dr Tracy Brower explores the need for enhanced creative confidence.

Different Spaces Tell Different Stories: Why Companies are Embracing Environmental Branding

As environmental branding continues to trend, businesses are experiencing benefits beyond adding a splash of color to the office.

That was Then – This is Now

Gensler's Sven Govaars takes at look at the 3 R's that dominate today's workplaces. Hint: they are not: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.

Changing Your Workplace? Make It Work with a Change Management Plan

Change management may not be new, but today’s office dynamics are. Today's companies are seeking creative, “cool” workplace solutions.

Purpose in the Workplace: Why What and How

WDM reader favorite, Charlie Grantham explores the relationships among purpose, culture, brand and workplace design.

Activity-Based Working & Wellness: The Human/Nature Side of the Popular Design Typology

Activity-based working (ABW) has positive impacts on the mental, physical, and social health of the workplace.

The Secret to a Great Workplace? Think of It as a People-Place

Human experience is key to a fulfilling work environment. Ed Nolan of JLL discusses how this principle played out in the company's Chicago office refresh.

Workplace of the Future, Part 5: Conclusions

This is the fifth and final article in our series on the Workplace of the Future. The first article featured A Brief History of...

eXploring NeoCon 2017: Putting the ‘X’ in the ‘UX’ of Workplace Design

Whether we’re away at a conference or at home in our office, we at PLASTARC tend to view the world of workplace design from...

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