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Moving Beyond Productivity: IBM’s Remote Work Reversal

In the wake of WSJ's recent article about IBM's remote work reversal, Lise Newman, Director of Workplace Practice at SmithGroup lends some insight.

Attributes of Buildings of the Future and Their Impact on Workplace Design

When it comes to buildings of the future, a few themes dominate the next ten and twenty-five years. Plus we'll explore their impact on workplace design.

5 Tips on How to Create an Inclusive Culture When You Tear Down the Walls

Maintaining civility is key to fostering innovation in today's polarized environment. Recent articles and case studies in Work Design Magazine speak about a growing trend...

What Workplace Can Learn from Music Festivals

"There’s something happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly clear."

Why Your Building Needs a Technology Experience Leader

A new role for new ways of working.

How Culture Can Turn Your Space into a Place

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast and operations excellence for lunch and everything else for dinner."

The Workplace is the New Corporate Communications Platform

eBay shows how corporate campuses can be transformed into experiences that tell a company’s brand story.

Your Workplace, Your Culture: Do You Like What You See?

How to enhance brand experience through the workplace.

Room to Think: The Rise of Still Spaces in the Workplace

Silence is an endangered species. Here’s how you can preserve it in the workplace.

Five Key Insights on Coworking for Workplace Designers

Two HOK workplace experts share what you need to know.

Community Spirit in the Workplace

How the workplace can be both an enabler and an obstacle when it comes to community and productivity.

The Post-Recession Rise of Coworking

The team at PLASTARC explores its context, its influence, and its benefits to companies of all sizes.

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