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Faces: Meet Cindy Froggatt

Cindy is an experienced workplace strategist and change-management expert. She's spent her career helping people align their company's workplace strategy with its business goals.

Faces: Meet Primo Orpilla

Primo Orpilla is the award-winning co-founder of Studio O+A, the San Francisco design firm responsible for groundbreaking workplace designs at Facebook, AOL, Microsoft, Yelp, and Levi Strauss.

3 Themes of Modern Workplace Design

Mentoring, socialization, and technology were themes heard throughout the recent IFMA Workplace Summit discussions at Cornell University. These tangible topics aren--™t just taking the place of yesterday--™s buzzwords like productivity, innovation, and employee experience --“ they--™re helping companies achieve a successful workplace strategy.

Faces: Meet Daniel Johnson

Dan leads the ongoing research, definition, and introduction of efficient products and processes that enable Accenture's people to best serve their clients.

Faces: Meet Karen Vincent

As Cushman & Wakefield's senior managing director and western region leader of Occupier Services, Karen Vincent works with major corporations to improve their transaction management, project management, facility management, financial management, and account management services.

How Will Big Business Respond to Coworking?

If collaboration serves as the model for today's ideal workplace -- and the golden child that every business wants to adopt -- then coworking is the unwanted orphan that mid-sized companies and corporate America have yet to embrace.

Faces: Meet Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is Herman Miller's director of future technology, a job that focuses on the intersection of emerging technologies and the workplace.

5 Characteristics of Extraordinary Designers

What sets apart the ordinary person from the extraordinary one who can achieve this dream?

The Integration of Real Estate, IT, and HR

There is a convergence of issues developing that will lead to a highly flexible and collaborative workplace experience. Successfully achieving this involves a unique process that integrates IT, real estate, and HR teams.

Office Spaces that Reflect Teamwork Mentality

You--â„¢ve probably heard (or used) buzzwords to describe today's office worker -- these "communicators", or "collaborators" might work in spaces we design called "huddle rooms" or "team areas".  But in a world where the design trends are growing toward a consultant-based workforce, where does teamwork fit?

Do Outdoor Office Spaces Inspire Greater Productivity?

The Outdoor Office exhibit offers several prototypes that include lighting, protection from the elements, and productivity.

Biophilia and Workspace Design

The driving hypothesis behind biophilic design is simple -- that incorporating human access to nature into our built environment can greatly improve our health and happiness at a large scale.

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