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Designing for “In the Office” v. “Work Wherever”

As we learn more and become smarter about the workplace, we begin to see different perspectives that often conflict. They're not just tough to integrate into an organization's culture, but they can seem unpredictable and un-measurable.

User Experience Design Revives Corporate Real Estate

Despite claims that the office is dead, it's not the end. But hopefully, it's the end of obsolete models for designing, delivering, and procuring buildings.

Faces: Meet Vito Chiodo

As Director of Property at Telstra, Vito Chiodo manages the largest commercial property portfolio in Australia and the property requirements for Telstra--â„¢s international business.

Faces: Meet Andrew Marshall

For 15 years, Australian-born Andrew Marshall has led change management programs for clients in the UK and Asia -- including the BBC, Barclays Bank, Cadbury, Cisco, Citigroup, and Ericsson.

How do Workers Use Leased Space?

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) leaders recognize that the consumerization of real estate is coming; a time when workplace choice involves real-time decisions by employees.

Faces: Meet Gaia Grant

Gaia will be speaking at WORKTECH13 Melbourne on February 26th, 2013. Her "Strategies for Innovative Development (SID)" model is a comprehensive tool for overcoming cultural hurdles that hinder organizational progress.

Flexible Collaboration: Silicon Valley’s Influence on the Workplace

Much has changed in workplace and in workplace design over the last 40 years. The old workplace was a reflection of order and efficiency, but today's workplace is personal, flexible, and collaborative.

Finding the “I” in “Team”

As more companies profit from a collaborative reconfiguration, more are taking the leap -- often without looking -- and losing touch with the ever-vital needs of individuals.

Faces: Meet Cindy Froggatt

Cindy is an experienced workplace strategist and change-management expert. She's spent her career helping people align their company's workplace strategy with its business goals.

Faces: Meet Primo Orpilla

Primo Orpilla is the award-winning co-founder of Studio O+A, the San Francisco design firm responsible for groundbreaking workplace designs at Facebook, AOL, Microsoft, Yelp, and Levi Strauss.

3 Themes of Modern Workplace Design

Mentoring, socialization, and technology were themes heard throughout the recent IFMA Workplace Summit discussions at Cornell University. These tangible topics aren--™t just taking the place of yesterday--™s buzzwords like productivity, innovation, and employee experience --“ they--™re helping companies achieve a successful workplace strategy.

Faces: Meet Daniel Johnson

Dan leads the ongoing research, definition, and introduction of efficient products and processes that enable Accenture's people to best serve their clients.

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