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WD Flex Recap: The Options: How Will Choice and Flexibility Work?

A recap of week 2 of WD Flex: Back to the Office  featuring Nick LiVigne, Mark Gilbreath, Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak, and Linda Foggie.

Industry News: The Impact Of A Hybrid Work Environment On Real Estate

The effects of the hybrid work environment on CRE, embracing texture as part of a welcome back strategy, and more news.

WD Flex Recap – Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

A recap of week 2 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring Jessica Cooper, Kim Pexton, Kevin Cahill, and John Campbell.

Say Hello to the Age of The Mobile Office

Remote work is here to stay, and some people are taking the concept to the extreme. Some workers have taken their new found ability to work from anywhere as an opportunity to try the digital nomad lifestyle.

Coaching and Mentorship in A&D During COVID and Beyond

How workplace designers have managed to collaborate and mentor each other during this period of remote work and how they plan to carry that into the long-term.

Wellness in the “New” Workplace

Gensler's Sharon Steinberg shares some key considerations to creating a fully inclusive and supportive workplace with wellness as the focus.

Wellness in the Workplace: Burnout from the blurred lines of work and home

Stantec's Heidi Dunn shares how to prevent employee burnout and keep company culture alive with choice and design.

WD Flex Recap: New Patterns & Trends in Returning to the Office

A recap of week 1 of WD Flex: Back to the Office featuring Calandra Cruickshank, Kate Lister, Ben Waber, Dr. Peggie Rothe and Bryan Berthold 

Industry News: Outdoor workspaces are having a post-pandemic moment

Many companies are emphasizing their fresh-air digs, how hybrid work has changed the purpose of the office, and more news.

Creating the Right Spaces for Your Post-Pandemic Workplace

Re-designing your space for activity-based working can improve the workplace experience by better meeting the needs of your people. This article was originally published by...

The Benefits of Unassigned Versus Assigned Seating in the Workplace

FCA's John Campbell explores how the unassigned workplace can provide a truly agile work environment.

WD Flex Recap – Just The Facts: What’s Really Happening?

A recap of week 1 of WD Flex: Back to the Office hosted by StateBook's Calandra Cruickshank on what the future of work holds. 

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