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air quality

Creating Office Environments That Evoke Health & Happiness

Brendan Beachler, Sanjeev Patel, and Claire Zambrano of Duda|Paine share how to design offices that offer a healthy and happy work experience. Creating a happy...

5 Ways To Make Your Office Safer

Steelcase's Brandon Lacic shares 5 ways to help you create a safer work environment.

Industry News: Your office air is making you stupider

Office air doesn’t just make us unhealthy, how introverts and extroverts succeed in the digital workspace, and more news.

Indoor Air Quality Matters More Than Ever (But Plants Aren’t The Solution)

The COVID-19 pandemic is raising fresh questions around the safety of indoor environments, specifically indoor air quality. 

Wellbeing, Culture and the Evolving Workplace

As the workplace evolves, a successful growth strategy will require place-based solutions that enable people to come together and innovate in healthy and inspiring spaces.

Three Effective Ways to Improve Building Ventilation

Is your building making people sick? The onset of the coronavirus has made the need for healthy buildings and better ventilation a top priority.

Turning the Office Inside Out: Working Outside

Considering the challenges created by COVID-19, there is no better time than now to figure out how to start working outside.

How Architecture Can Defend Us From Germs, Bacteria, And Viruses Like COVID-19

Architects can create healthy buildings by making smart choices about the surfaces that we choose and the detailing we include in our projects.

5 Ways To Achieve A Healthier Work Space Now And After COVID-19

Design founded on empathy and safety can help inform a healthier working environment for building occupants post COVID-19.

Thoughtful Design Methods to Foster the Wellness-Minded Workplace

How does intentional design contribute to wellness-minded workplace and the WELL Building Standard’s concepts of building performance?

Sustainable Design Features that Improve User Experience, Health, and Productivity

Focusing on indoor environmental quality to optimize building performance and enhance employee productivity, attentiveness, and well-being.

8 Best Plants for the Office

Air quality has a huge impact on your health. Not only do plants add a touch of life and comfort to your office space, but also keep air at its purest.

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