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Bartlett & Associates

Creating a Modern Office that Gen Z – and Everyone Else – Will Want to Work In

Inger Bartlett of Bartlett & Associates explores why designing an office space that is appealing to all generations is integral to a company’s success and employee satisfaction.

2023 Trends: Creating Places for Privacy in the Collaborative Office

Inger Bartlett of Bartlett & Associates explores why the office landscape needs to change in order to accommodate the working styles and preferences of employees.

Designing for the Next Generation

Attracting Gen Z to the office will take considered design moves that still feel familiar to older generations while offering a new sense of dynamism and energy. 

2022 Workplace Trends: Reinventing the Office Lobby

Bartlett & Associates president Inger Bartlett thinks the path to a brighter, greener future lies in the office lobby.

Inviting Nature into the Workplace

Bartlett & Associates' Inger Bartlett shares ideas for designing healthy and calming workplaces that take cues from the natural world

Bartlett & Associates Gives OSL A Bright, Welcoming Toronto Space

Bartlett & Associates' design for OSL includes amenities such as a vibrant café and patio for the highly social workplace.

The Future of Work is Flexible

The post-pandemic world invites designers to push the envelope on Agile Design principles – creating positive change for employers and employees alike.

The Pandemic Pay-Off

Splitting our working hours between home and a more efficient, effectively designed collaboration hub could be the key to achieving a better relationship with our professional lives.

Tour Mill Street Brewery’s Toronto Office Space by Bartlett & Associates

Bartlett & Associates recently transformed the Mill Street Brewery's east Toronto brewery into a smart, contemporary workspace with just the right amount of industrial edge.

10 Things that Will Inform Post-Vaccine Workspace Design

Inger Bartlett shares lessons learned from the past year and the top 10 concepts influencing office projects in the very near future.

This Workspace By Bartlett & Associates Is The Kind That Will Be Trending Post-Vaccine

The Volaris HQ by Bartlett & Associates is the kind of workspace that will be trending post-vaccine, as the office becomes more of a collaborative hub where we connect with colleagues.

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