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Creating Office Environments That Evoke Health & Happiness

Brendan Beachler, Sanjeev Patel, and Claire Zambrano of Duda|Paine share how to design offices that offer a healthy and happy work experience. Creating a happy...

2023 Trends: Building Connections Means Smart Urban Growth

Sanjeev Patel and Jay Smith of Duda|Paine explore creating new destinations for communities and employees in 2023.

Office Design Strategies for A Positive Workplace Culture

Amenities only go so far in enticing new employees. Duda|Paine's Jane Bamford and Jeff Paine explore creating a positive workplace culture that will attract recruits and retain existing employees.

Workplace Sustainability: Investing in People and Place

Sanjeev Patel and Shannon Robinson of Duda|Paine explore creating truly sustainable workplaces to attract people back to the office.

An All-Encompassing View of Workplace Health

Jane Bamford and Amanda Cronick of Duda|Paine discuss how to create healthy hybrid spaces as we return to work.

Duda|Paine Creates A New Austin Icon At 405 Colorado

Duda|Paine's design of 405 Colorado in Austin, TX is flexible enough to accommodate any type of workspace a tenant would want to create.

2022 Workplace Trends: Multifaceted Outdoor Workspaces

Turan Duda and Jay Smith of Duda|Paine share why we will see more multifaceted outdoor workspaces in 2022.  

Returning to the Office: Emerging Trends and Unchartered Paths

Jeffrey Paine and Bethany Ratcliff explore how to develop future workplaces that meet client needs and sustain office culture.

Offices For Healthy Living in 2021

Turan Duda and Jeff Paine share how we must put a greater emphasis on the quality of space rather than quantity in 2021. 

The Holistic Workplace: Strategies for Navigating Now

Turan Duda and Jeffrey Paine shares ideas and tips for creating a holistic workplace to ensure a successful return to the office.  

The Evolving Workplace: Nature and Community for Employee Wellbeing

As the workplace shifts to meet the needs of a changing workforce and evolving social and cultural needs, design’s role in advancing human wellness grows.

Gensler and Duda|Paine Bring NCR an Office Rich With Innovation

NCR set out to create a new HQ that would better enable it to realize its vision and celebrate its commitment to innovation.

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