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employee-centric design

Working Well: Office Design For Good Mental Health

The office should be a place that can heal, not hinder, our mental health. JLL Tetris shares five ways to design for good mental health.

People-Centric Change Management

PLASTARC explores how a push toward a more people-centric inclusive model of change is now shaping successful change management efforts.

Success Is On The Move: The Impact Of Personalized Workplace Design

The future of workplace design is engaging with individuals and asking them what they want from their space.

Work After Place: Technology Will Topple The Traditional Workplace

As the tools changed, the workplace design community has facilitated the transition from a workplace as a fixed destination to a workplace as a fluid experience.

Supporting Coworkers’ Well-Being in the Gig Economy

Knowledge from academic research community is finally percolating down to coworking brands, building owners, and design teams to the benefit of coworkers.

Let’s Talk About “Wow Factor” in Workplace Design

Our question shouldn’t be what will give us a Wow Factor, but HOW can we design to support the growth of great culture within a workplace.

The World is Round, and Why The Workplace Should Be Too

Can developing spaces and furnishings dominated by curved contours improve the emotional well-being of a building’s occupants?

Sustainable Design Features that Improve User Experience, Health, and Productivity

Focusing on indoor environmental quality to optimize building performance and enhance employee productivity, attentiveness, and well-being.

Advances in Light Quality provide designers with a new tool for creating human-centric workspaces

As more modern lighting upgrades in commercial buildings are focused on reducing energy usage, we must also remember that light quality is equally important.

How Workplaces Are Building Community Hubs from the Inside Out

When community hubs are used in the workplace to inspire and facilitate connection, creativity and energy, there’s no doubt that innovation will follow.

The Office as a Clubhouse

How the modern office has transformed from a siloed environment to an amenity space, acting as an enticing venue for employee activities, benefits, and interactions.

Designing the Awe-Factor: How to Create Workplaces that Evoke Emotions

How to create an aesthetic “wow” factor that inspires creativity, attracts new employees, and supports retention.

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