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future of coworking

From Classroom To Coworking: The Future Of Flexible Work Is Next To Top Universities

Coworking is gaining popularity among college students due to locations opening in close proximity to campus, affordability, and perceived potential for networking opportunities.

Will The Cascade Of Bank Collapses Break The Coworking Industry?

Allwork.Space explains how the recent bank failings will likely impact the flexible space sector.

Is Flex the Future?

GCUC's Liz Elam shares why the spaces that will thrive in the future are the ones that help humans connect + some tips to get you off on the right foot.

3 Trends Shaping The Future Of Coworking Technology

GWA tech panel experts provide unique insight into the future of workspace technology and how proptech can help coworking spaces thrive.

Sustainable Practices Pay Off. Here’s How Coworking Spaces Can Become More Sustainable

Allwork.Space shares strategies to make coworking spaces more sustainable including the use of solar panels, recycling, and curbing office equipment consumption.  

Coworking and the Global Coworking Conference is Back

GCUC founder, Liz Elam discusses how coworking has prevailed and what the future holds for the industry. 

Redefining Coworking In A Post-COVID World

SmithGroup's John Crump discusses three advancements the coworking industry will experience in the following decade.  

Industry News: Is Commercial Real Estate Is Making a Big Bet on Coworking?

Is coworking rebounding from its pandemic slump?, why neurodiversity and biophilia are the keys to the future of the workplace, and more news.

Industry News: Here’s What Your First Day Back At The Office Might Look Like

Follow a fictional worker's typical post-pandemic day in the office, why the office has to be an inviting place where employees want to be, and more.

Landlords Need To Prioritize Their Flex Space Offerings, Here’s Why

Flex space offers a significant opportunity for landlords — but first they must resolve disparities between their offering and what occupiers are looking for. 

Coworking Is The New Normal, And These Stats Prove It

Despite the negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the coworking spaces, the industry is expected to continue growing and thriving in a post-pandemic world.  

15 Years On, What Is The Future Of Coworking?

In honor of International Coworking Day, coworking owners and operators around the world shared their thoughts with Allwork.Space on the future of the industry.

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