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Industry News: The Future of Work Is Green

There's a wave of new green jobs coming, will we ever return to the office as we knew it, and more news.

Industry News: Creating Commute-Worthy Office Spaces

How do you make an office space worth commuting to, tweaks to make the office more inviting for returning workers, and more news.

Industry News: Is Your Brain Ready To Go Back To The Office?

How to ease back into working with others IRL, suburban office parks will soon cater to remote and hybrid workers, and more news.

Industry News: Remote Work Has Changed How Workers Perceive Their Workplaces

How remote work has changed how employees view the office, the future of coworking relies on the hospitality industry, and more.

Industry News: Is CRE Out of Touch?

Offices are still necessary, but who will use them and why, companies are under particular pressure to offer an outstanding work experience, and more news.

Industry News: Americans Are Going Everywhere Except Back to the Office

Remote workers aren't returning because they like work-life balance, the early days of the flex revolution, and more.

Industry News: How to Plan Office Space When Temporary Becomes Permanent

Strategies for transforming the pandemic workspace to a hybrid approach, once-stodgy Wall Street offices are turning into spaces reminiscent of Silicon Valley, and more.

Industry News: The Worst Hybrid Work Trend That Has To Stop

Why hot desking is the hybrid work trend that needs to stop, well-being predicts outstanding job performance, and more news.

Industry News: Be Pillars of Support to Employees in Hybrid Work Environments

How HR will remain essential in the hybrid workplace, a self-driving office room, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: What’s the Optimal Workplace for Your Organization?

How to determine the best work environment option for your organization, all about a biophilic high-rise design, and more news.

Industry News: The Reason People Want to Keep Working Remotely

Full-time side hustles among remote workers are at a high, a coworking boom in Latin America, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: Design An Office That People Want To Come Back To

How companies should use this moment to improve office environments, it's 'dangerous' to work in posh offices, and more news.

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