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Industry News: Why Interior Designers Must Fight Climate Change

interior designers can have a much bigger impact on climate change, Hong Kong property firms are putting office features into new residences, and more news.

Industry News: The Rise, Fall, And Rise Of The Home Office

The home office once again becomes a coveted feature of modern living, how could architecture help us adapt to the pandemic, and more news.

Industry News: Business as Unusual

This week's news round up is themed around topics that are of interest related to the future of business of design during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industry News: How African ‘feng shui’ can shape the continent’s cities of the future

The key to constructing African buildings and cities of the future, why is the interior design industry not more diverse than it is, and more news.

How to Choose Your Cozy Workplace Hangout and Other Industry News

Employees and designers alike are searching for private places at work, how to design a workplace that actually supports employees' wellbeing, and more news.

What’s Next For Landlords After WeWork’s Crash, And Other Industry News

How building owners are weighing their options after WeWork's crash, Lego's first phase of its new Billund campus in Denmark, and more news.

How To Entice Employees Back In The Office, And Other Industry News

A report from the GCUC conference on what pulls employees back to the office, what's next for WeWork after their CEO steps down, and more news.

Secret Rooms Are Popping Up In Workplaces, And Other Industry News

Secret rooms hidden behind bookcases are popping up in workplaces, why we dress the way we do at work, and more news from around the web.

Create An Irresistible Work Culture, Not A ‘Best Place To Work’, And Other Industry News

Shifting the focus from appearing to be the best place to work, to being the best, why one size, one solution, and one research study does not fit all, and more news.

Why You Shouldn’t Fall Prey to the Lure of Fancy Co-Working Spaces, and Other Industry News

Experts claim it's still premature to conclude that co-working spaces are advantageous, Legal spaces are beginning to reinvent their traditional offices for greater efficiency, and more news.

What Really is Agile Working, and Other Industry News

A breakdown of the real meaning of agile working, the emerging trends from Milan Design Week 2018, and more.

The Workplace is Becoming More Spacious and Less Formal, and Other Industry News

Why workplaces are moving away from formality, Room and Boards revamped HQ is a nature-lover's dream, and more.

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