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Industry News: 2023 Is The Year Of Third Space Working

Remote workers value third spaces, how insights from deaf and autistic communities could fix open offices, and more news.

What Can The Workplace Learn From Lockdown?

Australian design firm Hames Sharley surveyed all staff across its six studios to investigate the impact of working from home and the lessons that could be translated back into the workplace.

Take A Tour Of Vanderlande’s Human-Centric India HQ Designed By Zyeta

Vanderlande's new space in Pune, India by Zyeta reflects the brand's employee-first work culture.

Taking Off: A New Office Space In An Old Airport Terminal

Fasten your seatbelts! Check out this aviation-themed office space by ELTO Consultancy created for clients in Malaysia.

Industry News: Have We Known How To Make Healthier Buildings For Decades?

COVID-19 may be the stressor that pushes buildings to adopt healthy practices, the changes businesses are making to workplace culture after the return to work, and more news.

Industry News: How COVID-19 will change your open office

A round up of opinions from all over the web surrounding how COVID-19 will change your open office and the future of work.

These Height Adjustable Workstations Are A Stylish Way To Provide Flexibility

DeskMakers launches their Ascend line of height adjustable desks.

Powerful Workplace Changes You Need To Know In 2020

Work Design Publisher, Bob Fox, shares some thoughts on the future of work as we enter a new decade.  It’s the dawn of a new...

Industry News: Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

This week, we're sharing what other news outlets are saying about the close of 2019 and what 2020 holds for the future of work. 

How To Stay Sane In Your Open Office, And Other Industry News

Tricks to soothe those open-office nightmares, how 80 years of office design has shaped wellbeing, and more news.

From Bottle to Booth: Make Room for ROOM’s Phone Booth, 2019 Edition

Brought to you by ROOM, here's how and why their sound insulated, well-ventilated, and easy-to-move office phone booth, 2019 edition, gives the bustling and...

Getting the Workplace Ready for Gen Z, and Other Industry News

How to prepare your workplace for Gen Z, an open office survey will results that will surprise no one, and more news from around the web.

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