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people-centric design

2023 Trends: A People-First Design Approach To The Workplace

Haley Nelson, Amin Mojtahedi, and Daniel J. Michaud of HGA examine how a people-first mindset puts employees’ needs at the forefront and results in a people-first, digitally led work experience.

2022 Workplace Trends: Embodying an Employee-First Mentality

Gensler's Kenneth Wiesehuegel shares why designing the workplace with an employee-first mentality will be important in 2022.

Survature Software Adds Precision To Evidence-Based Design

Easy to deploy, Survature software captures what people say and how they say it by using a novel science-based digital engagement model.

The Next Chapter of Workplace Design: Looking Beyond Trends

Why designers must look beyond the trends to create spaces that truly serve the unique needs of the specific client.

Resimercial Design: The New Path to Workplace Creativity

How resimercial design could prove a lasting and effective strategy for realizing work environments that are happier, healthier, and more creatively nurturing than those of the past.

Designing for Neurodiversity and Inclusion

Not only is designing space to be inclusive the right thing to do, there is a compelling business case for it as well.

Using Workplace Design to Reflect Brand Values

Workplace design is an opportunity to create an environment that demonstrates brand, but it is also a reflection of how a company prioritizes its values.

People-Centric Change Management

PLASTARC explores how a push toward a more people-centric inclusive model of change is now shaping successful change management efforts.

CEOs Talk Workplace: Interview with CareerArc’s Robin Richards

Bob Fox connected with Robin Richards, CEO of CareerArc, who believes the physical environment that respects and embodies the employee, is where you get the biggest value.

People-Side Factors of Success in a Workplace Transformation

Addressing the key change management success factors and considerations occupiers and project managers should have.

My Office is Actually a Barcalounger

How designing for different work modalities can help people do their best work and ultimately become the best versions of themselves.

Innovative Workplace Design Starts By Asking The Right Questions

In this article, we want to share the strategy we take when designing workplace design surveys. Specifically, why we ask the questions that we do and the insights we’re able to capture by taking an indirect questioning approach.

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