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Workplace Design Roles Are Evolving To Help Clients Find Their Way

M Moser's Steve Gale shares why the future of work may turn out to be different, and why we need new skills to design the next generation of workplaces.

Industry News: How To Adjust To Going Back To The Office

Helpful advice from creatives on adjusting to returning to the office, 5 things CEOs can't ignore about the future of work, and more.

2023 Trends: Taking Mental Health in the Workplace Another Positive Step Forward

Alan Rose of CadM explores how 2023 will see a major change in attitude towards mental health in the workplace.

2023 Trends: Accessible And Inclusive Design

Cristina Ziegler of Gensler takes a look at how designers can play a vital role in creating spaces that are welcoming of all people and all abilities.

Industry News: Is the Office Now Just One Big Conference Room?

What the office offers that our homes do not, why the full ecosystem of work must be considered, and more news from around the web.

Meta Wants To Fix Ongoing Zoom Fatigue — But You’ll Be Waiting A While

The metaverse is a virtual reality alternative to Zoom, but will it be the key to solving pervasive Zoom fatigue?

Instead Of Trying To Compete With The Home Office – Work With It

Workplace designs that emphasize employee choice and autonomy will find themselves ahead as organizations return to their offices.

The Outdoor Office Is Here To Stay: How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living (And Work) Room

Many homeowners depend on outdoor areas to provide an extension of living space, a peaceful retreat, a connection to nature, and now - a place to work. 

Would You Give Your Staff The ‘Immersive Treatment’?

Immersive technologies are finding their feet in the future of work. Tech writer Gemma Church explores how immersive technology is starting to impact the world of recruitment.

How Designers Can Set The Stage For A Flexible Future

Mark Adams & Amy Clark of SmithGroup share what's working for their firm and clients as they continue to evolve to meet today and tomorrow’s needs. 

Where Are They Now: SLAM Collaborative’s Mind the Gap

We checked back in with the SLAM Collaborative team to see what they are up to today and how their Next Work Environment Competition submission has evolved since last year.

Talent Will Not Be Local In The Future Of Work

The capability of companies to simply hire from wherever they want is currently available. Companies still hire employees closer to their offices at a substantially higher rate than potential employees that live further away.

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